Thursday, December 01, 2011

Why is there something rather than nothing?

Why not?

Let's supposed there IS nothing; why must that be stable. Can there truly be nothing, and yet have the illusion of existence? To me, the previous two lines attempt to make the question analogous to asking whether black holes radiate. I will admit that is why the notion of a multiverse where strong interpretations of the anthropic principal are discarded.

I would guess all active minds hypothesize over this question, which could be argued to be THE existential question, and we all adapt our lives and grow to come to terms with our answers. Taking this as true, I could perfectly understand how conflicting opinions might seem intimidating and possibly quite threatening to our psyche and our interpretation of the world we live in; but I am never the less inclined and curious to hear what anyone else would answer to the question of life the universe and everything...

All this was born from Steven Colbert's interview of Niel Tyson which was a wonderful conversation about the current position of science in the United States. At the end of the video you can hear Dr. Niel's answer to the question; what is yours?

Monday, November 21, 2011

The world.

Who want to talk about the strong anthropic principal, the multiverse, the possibility that our universal constants are not so universal; "The Gods Themselves" and the inevitability of heat death?

Sideways we dance.

Forward the doctrine.  Forward the  illusion.
Backwards the thought. Backwards the true-self.
Forwards the bought-self. Forwards my custom rims.
Backwards from where they were built.

Join us in creating true-aesthetic. pre-packaged shiny toys you can pour your soul into and be proud of how it can actually fit there. 

Forget, the essence of our minds, the joy of empathy, the power of sharing. 
The search for truth, the beauty of comprehension. Those singular timeless moments that can't be bought; can't be sold and yet are everything but fleeting! they are scarce, but eternal. 

Your first kiss, your first proof, your first love, your best friend. That moment, you first realized you actually fit somewhere, those times you felt loved; needed, valued!

In as far as being the most playful and social animal, we could take so  much better care of our kin. How do we un-attach ourselves from the pack, for a toy; how do we so easily hurt each other; ignore each other. I am sorry for being undeservingly mean!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ayari meets Utah

My wife wrote a series of posts on her blog regarding the past month we were sightseeing in USA (An extended-cuasi-honeymoon of sorts!)..

Here is the first post in the Saga appropriately titled: Ayari meets Utah.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hurdling Towards The Morrow

The Sun is setting on our backs as we race into the night which swoops like a tidal wave of darkness upon us. At break neck speed, we stumble and fall, chills and unknown shapes streak by as we enter this cold unwelcoming sea calling for head and caution lest we stray,  we pray to see the next day.

In this new night which now engrosses us, we must choose between abandoning our brothers to a base existence, or carry them with us, under the wings of our knowing, as we brave the night of this upcoming social change, where our degrees of interconnectedness span the billions and our bodies and minds are challenged by machines for our ability to contributions through work or labor.

Entitlement vs. autonomy; sloth vs. greed.

As we will soon be swallowed in the dark woods of our own achievements and ambitions, I can still catch the glimmering dawn to which we will rise. Then, we shall find ourselves emancipated from the drudgeries of the mundane; having won ourselves the freedom from laboring for our survival.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Worrying (stress)

Even in this motivational diagram, it seems to me worrying comes at the question marks.. when you have to give the answer?

Do you have a problem, really?
Can you solve it, really?

After you've decided, it's all fun and dandy isn't it? isn't it?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Votos Nupciales

Hice un compromiso, un pacto, juré unos votos el día de mi matrimonio; por eso públicamente exhibo mi compromismo:

Ayari María, quiero compartir mi vida contigo.
quiero embarcar, rumbo a nuestros sueños,
en un camino de felicidad, respeto, solidaridad, y crecimiento
en el que nuestras sonrisas impulsen las velas,
nuestra moralidad nos sirva de compás
mientras nuestros sueños brillan en el cielo
y se reflejan en nuestros corazones
mientras observamos el paisaje de nuestras vidas.

Sé que no podría suplicarle a los dioses una mejor compañera
una mejor mujer, una mejor persona que tú para este viaje.
Me enamora siempre tu sonrisa y la felicidad que traes al mundo.
No exijo mas que echar raíces a tu lado y crear nuestra familia,
ver las hojas del otoño caer y envejecer a tu lado.

Ayari María, hoy, si me aceptas, prometo serte fiel,
dedicar mi trabajo y sueños a ti y a nosotros,
durante la primavera y el invierno,
proveer mi alma y esfuerzo a este viaje nuevo, a este árbol
regar las raíces.
Navegar, crecer, contigo.

Te amo.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sports and Exercise

Wow, don't I feel productive today; I can only assume it's because I spent yesterday riding my bike up a mountain!

Even with the mounting evidence one still wonder how come finding the time to actually exercising is so hard.....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Towards being humane.

If you manage to then see both the forest and the trees; the interplay and dynamics of your actions in society. If you see your role in Big History you'll see that the Total Perspective Vortex isn't such a scary thing at all... but more of a liberating state of freedom, life-choice, self-fulfillment and self-growth. As humans, as life forms, as part of the universe it is to somehow work against entropy.

Trust, cooperation, aid and understanding are the fundamental achievements of our race; teaching, justice and love are the tools with which we have provided them. I am humbled and marveled by the individual, astonished and empowered by the collective and have nothing but great expectations for our future.

Friday, April 15, 2011

La marea

El sol deja sombras de las horas que pasan
en otra sombra, la de tus pechos y tu mirada
el sol de tus pupilas me recuenta nuestras vidas

poblamos las playas de arena y florecimos los corales
me escuché en los caracoles dejando mis cantos en tu oreja
nunca me dejaste demasiado sin esa mirada que calentaba mis labios
besamos nuestras caricias y rendimos homenaje al amor solidario

que bello es ser querido, y compartido
entregados a nueva vida;
sos mi destino.


Ven, escápate conmigo! Por hoy, llévame donde quieras; pero hoy; regalame tu día Invitame a tus antojos Brindame tu sonrisa y Mírame a ...