Saturday, January 24, 2009

best thing to say when your moody or down

no te quiero triste, :(
te quiero contento
te quiero enamorado y sonriendo
te quiero volando y soñador
besando y pensador
poeta de versos dulces
de pensamientos encantadores
y de abrazo libres
te quiero...
te adoro...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paul Sereno: What can fossils teach us?

Self-perception is key! Wow... and you see this all throughout human interaction! You can only be as good as you see yourself to be!
If you have low self-esteem, or you feel lacking in some respects, whether or not you can actually do something because irrelevant, you started yourself out with a handicap.

You have to SEE yourself as such! If you can't, if you don't want to see yourself that way or if you don't believe in yourself: You won't!

I would publicly confess, I've tried to teach that to a couple of people I've known... But, I guess it can be very hard sometimes.... Living is such a fun challenge.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Scott McCloud: Understanding comics

Le Wow!

Peter Reinhart: The art of baking bread

I simply loved the four ways to understand something. Oh god, we are such a dynamic species. Oh, there's even a mystical understanding towards bread baking. There are mystical interpretations to everything we do, isn't there.. :P even numbers: 7, 13, 21, 42, PI, PHI, E, I. The stars, the sky, the moon. It's all about mystically growing, and expanding ourselves. Cross references and cross pollination of thought. We are such a beautiful species.

Happiness depends on Freedom

A friend commented on a discussion she had with another friend whether or not freedom was a precondition towards happiness.

She commented on some points of the debate, and we then proceeded to have two other debates on the same subject, in which many opinions from different were presented.

Curiously enough, we all agreed that yes, it seems freedom is indeed required for happiness, at least the our species.

I'll sum up my own opinion, feel free to comment:

  1. The human species, through evolutionary accident, developed an innate curiosity and 'un-satisfaction' that requires us to take action.
  2. Freedom is the ability to successfully satisfy this "instinct"
  3. The level to which we must explore, move about or act in order to satisfy "freedom" is genetically variable between humans, as well as there is evidence that it is physically extirpable, as seen with certain brain traumas
  4. And, although the very same brain is moldable or educatable with societal requirements and actions are indeed individually interpreted though culture, the inability to satisfy the underlying physical instinct to explore does cause anxiety, and eventually unhappiness

Saturday, January 03, 2009

TED: Steven Strogatz - sync up

He hints at spontaneous self-organization as an underlying force (although I prefer salient feature) of nature, at all scales. To me: that force, or salient feature that can be evidenced in the laws we have devised to describe nature is actually a more appropriate definition of Life. I think I've written about that before, but the examples in this video are a very good example of the motivation behind these ideas. He doesn't present this spontaneous organization in more abnormal time scales o sizes, but it is there.

Friday, January 02, 2009

The Bigtime. hobbes-log made 30 cents in one month!

It seems that during the month of december, hobbes-log recieved a bit less than 6,000 visits! none where about the amazing content to be read here though... The average visitor spends about 30 seconds here... and then never comes back! :D

Although it seems most visitors come to see geek tattoos, 1,066 people actually visited the main page before they abandon all hope to return.. :P It seems it's time to redesign the site layout! :D

Pantera & Youth

Would you look at me now?
Can you tell I'm a man?
God Size!

Those songs seem to have been heard ages ago (well, it has been a decade, but who's counting :P)... Was I really angry back then? What war was I fighting? Is it over? ("He as hollow as I alone"...)

I hadn't realized Pantera's lyrics where so suicide related... weird... I remember my teens as wanting to blow out, remove the shackles of my shyness and insecurities, I don't think I actually felt depressed, more like repressed and misunderstood.

I guess you still like those old songs because they allow you access to old memories, it seems its fun to remember! :p


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