Saturday, October 31, 2009

Authentic Hapiness

These questionnaires are referred to in the video, and I invite you to take at least one and observe your self-perception, after all; and for obvious reasons not mentioned in the video, happiness is also a function of self-perception, those three lives (watch the video) must be self-perceived (filtered, or weighted for the math literate); whatever the facts may be, any delusion renders them useless.

Actually, I believe delusion is quite common, for example, a group of students from ITLA left for Cuba to participate in an international ACM competition. They effected their best effort and achieved the 20th position by solving 1 problem in the set. They came back enthused over the experience, motivated towards achieving a better performance next year.

An excellent advancement, no doubt, their is no previous example. But lets give a little perspective to the situation: how many countries participated?
This means, Cuba was not only able to produce 31 additional teams for the competition, but 58% of those teams outperformed our single selection; twice (there was also a warm-up competition in which we placed 19).

An incorrect, but possibly more illustrative statement would be:
Out of 2 countries, we placed -19

The participants are themselves math illiterate, statements like: 1/3 is an irrational number, sqrt(x) is a function from engineering students in college shed further light into our national situation which we seem so bent on ignoring. Our actual GNP is in enormous proportion coming from gifs and drug trafficking, it seems we simply accept our fates as tripping billies (beautiful song by the way).

In any case, and to conclude: the video is very good, and should be compared with its buddhist counterpart. Take the test, delusions help us cope; ignorance is bliss as they say, but authentic happiness, profound happiness is gained through the depth of knowledge; and coming back to this ideals, we are going to start a work-group for math literacy and computer science at kindleit.

A Contraluz

Bocatabú es una banda de lo más agradable, muy buena composición musical y lindas letras.

A Contraluz de Bocatabú.


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