Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Love Life

Its amazing how reality can just dig deep into your bones and wrench existence itself up to the border of your skin, where it sizzles and raises your hairs to the tone of electrified stem cell marrow!

That delicate balance of breathing; of self-awareness, of being able to fight for confirmation of your own objective presence.

To me life is here for its own sake, existence is self-contained, each day is a self-endowed gift to be shared and cherished.

I live to fight, i fight to live, I live to think, I think therefore I am, and I am here to share myself, this glorious day, and this glorious life; no mater how short with who ever chooses to listen; and I will tell you this: I am in love with living, its an intoxicating experience to see the sun rise each day and fuel this greenhouse paradise of bonsai pets and thousand year old oaks!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Poem 63

Quiero inundarte de mis sentimientos, mi conocimiento, mi espiritú,
quiero ahogarme en tí; para así poder vivir de tí, conocerme, re-encontrarme en tí.

Quiero darte vida, ser inciencio que se mezcla con tu aurora,
que brilla detrás de tus ojos, y sale por tus labios
en besos desgarradores que a cambio recibo.

Quiero compartirme contigo, sabiendo que endulsas hasta mis pasos con simplemente acompañarme.
Andar a tu lado, aquí en tu interior donde tus labios siempre me seducen,
tu sonrisa abarca todo mi horizonte y me miras con ojos de estrella.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Idea

I have an idea for a book:

Life, throughout death. A chain of events (though a thousand years) in which a begger's exists changed the future world as we know it.

Would you read it?


Ven, escápate conmigo! Por hoy, llévame donde quieras; pero hoy; regalame tu día Invitame a tus antojos Brindame tu sonrisa y Mírame a ...