Monday, July 20, 2009

Is religion the father of science

Is religious persecution the cause of the formal structure of the scientific method?

Is the fact that it was prohibited to talk about the final cause of reality and 'experiments' the clarifying condition that left us with a 'pure' scientific method?

The dynamics of human behavior, and the unpredictability of complex systems is rather fun. What this would mean, essentially, is that the dark ages cannot be viewed as a setback in humanity. The Renaissance, the scientific method and modern society as we know it, is irrevocably causally connected to this 'incubation' period for humanity and leads me to my definitions for good and evil.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ideas worth spreading...

Tres ideas de TED me tienen cautivados con la posibilidad de emplearlas aquí:

  • Energía termosolar. (Solar heat power).
  • Selva tropical productiva en 4 años. (Productive Rain forests) (y esta me suena mejor para Haiti).
  • La idea de poner academias de música en los barriys. (Music acadamies in the slums.)

Ah, y turismo de asistencia.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

José Abreu’s wish

Este video es algo senchillamente asombroso; me llena de felicidad, honor y orgullo de ser humano. Nuestra capacidad de compasion y sentimiento es hermosa. Video de promosion" Pagina Web del Blog

Canciones por una de las orquestas:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Poema 62

Corazón, corazón flamante
  jamas me había topado con tu capacidad de querer
  que me llena, me quema
  ardes en mi, una llama cauterizadora
  y tu sonrisa es una llama radiante
  que brilla sobre esta otra
  sobre el duelo de amar

Modern Musical Composition

Modern musical composition is so erratic; just when you start to feel the groove of some tune, everything is changed... I guess this is a world where artistry is left to the ADD crowd... :( This is of course without trying to offend anyone; it could actually be a reflection of our modern, distraction flooded environment... In that sense, we are ALL subject to ADD

Monday, July 06, 2009


So I was mugged last thursday... The damnedest thing, some kids tried to take my wallet

Definition - Balance

Balance: Of equality, or equilibrium between two contrary entities or forces.

Balance is a special case of equilibrium, which is a word used to describe more objects. Most people seek balance or equilibrium amongst the competing interests of their lives; it is regarded as the search for a state of inner peace and complete belonging.

Usually, people seem to feel they are under constant pressure away from balance, that their work/lives are regularly summited to events, accidents, duties that require them to stray from the center of certain personal balancing acts, this particular issue draws a physical analogy:
All, dynamic system, juggles and quickly strays from equilibrium. Although thermodynamics, states equilibrium is eventually inevitable, this juggling between inclinations is what permits actual work within the system.
So, actually, what moves individuals, societies, and life in general is the assurance or ability to do work between a useless chaos and a useless equilibrium.

With all this said; I would add it as an argument as to why the world has not flocked to be Tibetan Monks of harmony and equilibrium. Progress does not lie in pure chaos, nor in full equilibrium. It is found in optimizing our efficiency; because of this, we must never stop trying to obtain balance; and yet, obtaining it would be to our disadvantage.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

What time perspective do you use?

What time perspective do you use for decision making?

Do you base your decisions solely on how your feeling at the moment?

Do you base your decisions simply on future plans?

This view prescribes an optimal time perspective from which to base your decisions and actions. Is he right? how do you use past experience, future predictions, and present circumstance to decide?

  • Should I eat the apple now?
  • Should I finish school?
  • Should I leave him/her?
  • Should I quit/take this job?

Any anecdotes you would like to share?

Can this be extended to societies? How are decisions made in your country?


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