Friday, December 29, 2006

Wired 4 Week Quests

Wired has set a couple of their writers on 4-Week quests to: Run Faster, Think Faster and Shoot better. In all three articles there is one constant: Discipline Practice; and truthfully, I unfortunately lack the former. "Despite a half-mile cool-down jog, my Achilles tendons and lower calves lock up, and I spend the rest of the day shuffling around like an arthritic penguin. Even so, I feel energized. I imagine becoming one of those guys who think nothing of banging out a half-marathon before work twice a week. Then I order a pizza, settle into my armchair, fire up the TiVo, and let the feeling pass." I wonder if I can find an article on how to raise your discipline... Well, in any case, the moral of the story is: Hard work pays off, and discipline is the most sure course towards any goal!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Adult Brains Grow From Specialist Use

Slashdot has this story: Xemu writes "Researchers at University College of London's Institute of Neurology have discovered that taxi drivers grow more brain cells in the area associated with memory. Dr Eleanor Maguire says, 'We believe the brain increased in gray matter volume because of the huge amount of data memorized.' She warns against the use of GPS and says it will possibly affect the brain changes seen in this study. This research is the first to show that the brains of adults can grow in response to specialist use." London cabbies, unlike their American counterparts, have to learn the layout of streets and the locations of thousands of places of interest in order to get a license.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Does size really matter?

What do you think? Will we kill ourselves before we can see everything else out there?


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