Friday, December 29, 2006

Wired 4 Week Quests

Wired has set a couple of their writers on 4-Week quests to: Run Faster, Think Faster and Shoot better. In all three articles there is one constant: Discipline Practice; and truthfully, I unfortunately lack the former. "Despite a half-mile cool-down jog, my Achilles tendons and lower calves lock up, and I spend the rest of the day shuffling around like an arthritic penguin. Even so, I feel energized. I imagine becoming one of those guys who think nothing of banging out a half-marathon before work twice a week. Then I order a pizza, settle into my armchair, fire up the TiVo, and let the feeling pass." I wonder if I can find an article on how to raise your discipline... Well, in any case, the moral of the story is: Hard work pays off, and discipline is the most sure course towards any goal!

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