Friday, April 22, 2011

Towards being humane.

If you manage to then see both the forest and the trees; the interplay and dynamics of your actions in society. If you see your role in Big History you'll see that the Total Perspective Vortex isn't such a scary thing at all... but more of a liberating state of freedom, life-choice, self-fulfillment and self-growth. As humans, as life forms, as part of the universe it is to somehow work against entropy.

Trust, cooperation, aid and understanding are the fundamental achievements of our race; teaching, justice and love are the tools with which we have provided them. I am humbled and marveled by the individual, astonished and empowered by the collective and have nothing but great expectations for our future.

Friday, April 15, 2011

La marea

El sol deja sombras de las horas que pasan
en otra sombra, la de tus pechos y tu mirada
el sol de tus pupilas me recuenta nuestras vidas

poblamos las playas de arena y florecimos los corales
me escuché en los caracoles dejando mis cantos en tu oreja
nunca me dejaste demasiado sin esa mirada que calentaba mis labios
besamos nuestras caricias y rendimos homenaje al amor solidario

que bello es ser querido, y compartido
entregados a nueva vida;
sos mi destino.