Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Venus Project

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It took me a long time to view the Zeitgeist videos, the first one, is a sensationalist exposition of the obvious to me; the second video is rather a critique on the current money system that presents Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project. I find myself agreeing deeply with him, on several fronts, and his ideas far more radical than my own. I'm not sure a 'resource economy' is anywhere close to being achievable. I might believe, we will someday get there, or something very similar to that position, but I see only one serious flaw in his ideas: he gives too much credit to man's intelligence, and seems overly optimistic on man's necesity to advance.

I unfortunately believe that most men, like most other animals, are short sighted brutes who will work for food. This is normal, natural and not meant to be demeaning to our species. This applies to both those who are working for their food, and the elite who does not have to. They are both, as human, too short sighted to understand and care enough for these views. I believe we first need to make every human, at least as smart as him.

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