Monday, November 21, 2011

Sideways we dance.

Forward the doctrine.  Forward the  illusion.
Backwards the thought. Backwards the true-self.
Forwards the bought-self. Forwards my custom rims.
Backwards from where they were built.

Join us in creating true-aesthetic. pre-packaged shiny toys you can pour your soul into and be proud of how it can actually fit there. 

Forget, the essence of our minds, the joy of empathy, the power of sharing. 
The search for truth, the beauty of comprehension. Those singular timeless moments that can't be bought; can't be sold and yet are everything but fleeting! they are scarce, but eternal. 

Your first kiss, your first proof, your first love, your best friend. That moment, you first realized you actually fit somewhere, those times you felt loved; needed, valued!

In as far as being the most playful and social animal, we could take so  much better care of our kin. How do we un-attach ourselves from the pack, for a toy; how do we so easily hurt each other; ignore each other. I am sorry for being undeservingly mean!

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