Friday, August 19, 2011

Hurdling Towards The Morrow

The Sun is setting on our backs as we race into the night which swoops like a tidal wave of darkness upon us. At break neck speed, we stumble and fall, chills and unknown shapes streak by as we enter this cold unwelcoming sea calling for head and caution lest we stray,  we pray to see the next day.

In this new night which now engrosses us, we must choose between abandoning our brothers to a base existence, or carry them with us, under the wings of our knowing, as we brave the night of this upcoming social change, where our degrees of interconnectedness span the billions and our bodies and minds are challenged by machines for our ability to contributions through work or labor.

Entitlement vs. autonomy; sloth vs. greed.

As we will soon be swallowed in the dark woods of our own achievements and ambitions, I can still catch the glimmering dawn to which we will rise. Then, we shall find ourselves emancipated from the drudgeries of the mundane; having won ourselves the freedom from laboring for our survival.

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