Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Instant Lakes and 5,000 year old Plants

Este articulo en National Geographic. "I can tell you that at Qori Kalis [in Peru], there's a lake that formed there that didn't exist until 1991. But the lake now covers 84 acres [34 hectares] and it's 200 feet [61 meters] deep." "It's too late for some of these glaciers," he said. "People will have to adapt to change. That's all." En otro articulo de la misma revista: "Dead goblin sharks are caught from time to time, but it is rarely seen alive," a park official told the AFP news agency. "We were able to document the way the shark swims. After it died, we dissected the specimen for further studies."

But the unusual find is giving scientists déjà vu.

Earlier this month another deep-sea prehistoric shark had been found in Japan—a frilled shark spotted on January 21 that, like the goblin, died quickly in captivity. ;) Bienvenidos al nuevo milenio.

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