Wednesday, February 21, 2007

OO's and BB's

Cosmic Variance has this post in their blog:
OO are Ordinary Observers, and BB's are Boltzman Brains...
Along the same lines as given enough time 1000 monkeys can rewrite Shakespeare; given enough time, Quantum Mechanics can recreate Intelligent Observers...

If and after the Universe dies out via heat-death expansion (no more stars, and such), in astronomically distinct time scales. the universe will be dominated by these BB's as OO's will die out.


Don Page says, WTF too, and that these conclusions must mean the universe is 'decaying'...

All this reminds me of a short story by Asimov, (one sent to me by Ruben) The Last Question

And some of you may know my very personal and informal stance regarding the second law of thermodynamics....

Also I believe I once told Luis Jose about the 1000 monkey's problem, and its miss use. One must first demonstrate that the odds truely and unequivocally Increase through time. One can't just simply jump the gun. For example, monkeys probably won't have an appropriate lifespan and they most very likely die off before they ever finish hamlet.

In any case, I digress. And I contradict my own denial of the second law of thermodynamics. Still... I now understand Asimov's own point of view... And as ever I am awed by his foresight.

PS: My mind is just like Kurt's or my Dad's, it only just happens while discussing these subjects... please help me correct all the loose ends, and incoherent thoughts I just wrote... :/ :p
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