Monday, January 25, 2010

Why so quiet?

Children have a very clean unadulterated mode of argument.

There is a fine line between complexity and chaos... Maybe that is why we should always head the words of simple minds...

- Aunt, are you a girl or a woman?
- A Woman
- And, can you have children?
- Yes, but I don't want to right now
- Oh

This dialog with a child reveals an Aristotelian handling of logic. It also reveals how easily accepted new information becomes incorporated as truth.


Unknown said...

LOVED the strip!

Anonymous said...

As long truth is perceived as tangible signals captured by our limited senses and gadgets, a concept of God is normally rejected and ridiculous

-- Anonymous coward

Rodolfo Hansen said...

I agree, And would love nothing more than truth Stay a product of tangible signals captured from our limited senses and devices.; anything less would be chaos. (btw, curious as to who you are)


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