Friday, November 27, 2009

Day after Thanksgiving.

Yesterday I was reminded about my writing on relationships last year, and was asked how my thoughts on the subject had changed... still, one year later, the gist of the admittedly polar dissertation remains.

There is one note we could extract from an economist's super-rational model of the mind; one simple addition: the role of Wanting, It is simply too painful to accept a partner's loss of interest, yet; beyond reasonable justification, illusion falls prey to reality and change inevitably looms over previous conception of a relationship; making the desire to sustain it either weaker or stronger.

In other words, Love must be fleeting to require hard work and understanding, and some form of self-realization is inextricable from maintaining a healthy relationship. In this tone I give thanks to every human being who finds self-realization in the happiness of others; you are the essence of humanity and the pillars of its achievements.

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Impressive... as usual...


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