Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scientology, what the hell is it anyways?

I always thought of scientology as an agnostic's excuse towards spirituality, and in some ways it actually is :). After seeing these videos it seems a lot like an advanced version of reflection on human religion and spirituality. Something born from what rational and analytic minds go through when completating "life's questions"; almost a scientific approach to spirituality.

Why almost? Because it lacks one of science's most crucial natures: skepticism. True skeptics would find serious flaws for the argument of "Thetans"... Anyways, it seems to do a great job at keeping the pretty parts of religion.

Checkout the wikipedia article on the subject, or look into the auditing video 'which is the basis for scientology'...Auditing or the full sequence that describes scientology (by scientologists: scientology church

In an odd way, this could fit very well into what a friend of mine will end up believing...

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