Thursday, July 02, 2009

What time perspective do you use?

What time perspective do you use for decision making?

Do you base your decisions solely on how your feeling at the moment?

Do you base your decisions simply on future plans?

This view prescribes an optimal time perspective from which to base your decisions and actions. Is he right? how do you use past experience, future predictions, and present circumstance to decide?

  • Should I eat the apple now?
  • Should I finish school?
  • Should I leave him/her?
  • Should I quit/take this job?

Any anecdotes you would like to share?

Can this be extended to societies? How are decisions made in your country?


Unknown said...

While I believe time is only an illusion (or a spice, accordingly), I have suffered the consequences of present hedonism and have learned the (not always certain) benefits of delayed gratification. The past affects both consequences.
Taking this into account, I believe he's right, not so much because of his definitions of Time perspectives, but because he speaks of maintaining a Balance. At the end, you must even out (you've yet to publish a definition for "Balance")

With Time - being the illusion that it is - it may require a certain amount of strategy and risk to it. Personally, it will always depend on the subject, but present rules (whether hedonistic or fatalist) and future is the desire (need/wish/attitude) that will move the outcome.

The phrase "Life is temptation" might be an overkill, but temptation is not to be played with. I recently heard the phrase: "delay is the deadliest form of denial" (C. Northcote Parkinson). And there's always the possibility you get tired of waiting, and/or end up with something you didn't really want.

It translates to society, culture and politics. The D.R., for example, has been managed solely on present hedonism/fatalist, and such is the culture, and in such way acts society. Hoping for a miraculous future... Capitalism is all about having it all and having it now... but that's a whole other topic:)

Rodolfo Hansen said...

wonderfully said!!


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