Thursday, June 11, 2009

Definition - Exception

This second word was picked because it sounded nice and was a central part of the movie: 'He's just not that into you'; oh joy!

Exception: a statistically improbable outcome.

The film (which is, by the way, lackluster and mind-numbing) uses it in reference to our psychological inability to work with extreme odds, a 5% chance never seems that much worse than a 15 or 10 percent odd of success, let alone our attempt to compare 1 in a million with 1 in a thousand.

Our simple minds, seem to keep things in more robust comparison buckets like: very rare, rare, infrequent, etc. If two events fall into the same category, we don't really care that much...

So hey, we're the exception, now kiss me you fool!


Unknown said...

Lucky you. Not-too-bad movie:)

Dayi said...

jajaja esa pelicula dejo a to el mundo medio loco.
es impresionante como sacas palabras para definiar las cosa, que aunque todos sabemos lo que son pero a la hora de describirlas nos falta precisión, i really like it!


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