Saturday, June 13, 2009

Definition - Duality

It was fun thinking about this word; it kinda triggered thoughts about Batman, the quest for the Grand Unification Theory, and super moms!

Duality: Ability to fit two models.

To be both rational & spiritual; mother & lawyer, duality implies in these cases individuals capable of two seemingly disparate roles.

Another famous duality is that of light; in which it was found to behave as both a particle and a wave depending on how the experiment is setup (this duality is then beautifully enclosed in Schrödinger's wave function).

Duality is a basic form of versatility, although dual personalities are frowned upon; and "two faced" is not a nice thing to call someone. The problem appears in so far as the individual's versatility arrives in detriment to the rest of society.


Ayi :) said...

siempre me han gustado el tipo de arte con ese concepto...aunque el ying yang no es mi preferido aunque sea el mas conocido...

esto es para que veas que todo el mundo tiene otra cara de la moneda...

Unknown said...

Thank you:) Agree.
Triggered new word: Contradiction.
Another word: Aloneness.

I feel like I must meet you... well, my lately-too-self-absorbed-for-its-own-good brain feels like I should meet you.


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