Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Karma, Revenge & Justice

Twice in the last few months I've heard someone ease the precarity of their situation by stating: "that's karma", as if they had just atoned for previous misdeeds with an unfortunate set of events in their present circumstance.

That's something I can readily understand, but subtly conceals issues similar to those of revenge. It is highly doubtful one individual can gauge the negative impact of an action, especially under emotional distress; while revenge is most assuredly a heated over-reaction, karma is an emotionally charged rationalization; a passive self-excusing correlation between unrelated accidents.

If revenge is justice for none, than karma is justice for one (the karma calculator)... a catch phrase of sorts, yes, but it at also points to the possible non-universality, not just non-objectivity, of justice.

Can justice be individually achieved?
What is justice?
What are your definitions?


Unknown said...

First things first: I've just discovered this blog and I like it.

As to this post in particular: Justice - a lot like Cuba's idea of Communism - is utopic. Even worst than, it doesn't exist, at all. And if you put it next to the concept of Revenge and Karma (both of which I believe are nothing more but means to a never-ending chain of actions/reactions; a way to perpetuate energy...) then "Justice" is just a pretty word with a pretty blind lady to represent it, only worth as much as the best argument. And its definitions or achievements are as individual as those of each person in itself.

As to Karma/Revenge, I've always failed to find their purpose: Their occurance doesn't change facts, nor what happened. At the end, all we have left (all we always have left) is the "Learning from it", and if fate should smile on our side, then we have a smile to go with it... if not, a tear. Either way, for one part "Justice" wasn't really done.

After writing this I'm now thinking this is possibly the stuff Mithology and great scripts are made of.... but who knows.

Anyways, really liked the blog:)

Rodolfo Hansen said...

Justice is utopic. I agree.
But what does it entail?

Comunisms is the sharing of common wealth, a large group of individuals sharing their production amongst each other.

Utopic does not imply impossible or unachievable; it is simply a difficult goal.

What is justice? is it achievable?


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