Saturday, April 25, 2009

How wrong is it to use a kitten for personal sexual pleasure? Depends on whether you've washed your hands

Interestingly enough, people make decisions based on all sorts of preconditions.

We know we take rational thought very seriously; but experiments continually show our decisions are influenced not only by logical reasoning, but also our emotional state.

And we all know our emotional state can be very subtly manipulated. The following post talks about our moral judgment and the impact of our being disgusted on said judgment.

All this research on rational and moral thinking is to me deeply related to my thoughts on love. In my opinion, love is basically an emotional modifier to our rational thinking processes. It is a construed mechanism that is self affecting. I think a formula similar to a gravitational field could be a useful metaphor to understand how love rises from rational, circumstantial and other emotional factors to later mold and maintain the these very same factors into a self preserving, emergent behavior.

Love is beautiful indeed: a very delicate flower that can help us see the world in a different light!
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