Friday, January 16, 2009

Peter Reinhart: The art of baking bread

I simply loved the four ways to understand something. Oh god, we are such a dynamic species. Oh, there's even a mystical understanding towards bread baking. There are mystical interpretations to everything we do, isn't there.. :P even numbers: 7, 13, 21, 42, PI, PHI, E, I. The stars, the sky, the moon. It's all about mystically growing, and expanding ourselves. Cross references and cross pollination of thought. We are such a beautiful species.


martianegg said...

I love it when we agree.. don't you?

Rodolfo Hansen said...

I get scared agreeing too soon; only the presence of reproducible numbers that also corroborate would calms my fear of us both looking like jack asses at the end.

Unknown said...

I've just read this, and have been reading some of the archived older posts. I've decided to make this unrelated comment on this one.
Something has popped up and my memory rarely fails (it is in moments like this I wish my Alzheimer kicked in early).
While I am a tiny-bit suddenly and absolutely freaked out by the fact I think we have too much in common.. I feel compelled to ask, did you see the movie "The Lake House"?

Rodolfo Hansen said...

Yup, pretty good movie.


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