Monday, October 20, 2008

Old post never completed... How to share an Idea?

Among other things... I'm starting to realize how hard it is to share an Idea... especially when its still just a twinkle even in your own head...

I spent the better part of this morning defending my "Simple First, let complexity settle in later, and RE-SIMPLIFY" approach to software development with an associate today, and one of the subjects that came up was the distance between my recomendations, and those found in a book.

I was accused of critizicing without offering an alternative approach, while the acusation has some foundation, I nevertheless was pointing towards the very same path we later found out the book suggested. Viewed as a dialog it would read:

  • We need to walk down this path
  • Which path? I don't see anything this is how Its always been done, there are but random discrepencies
  • Yes, but your idea suffers from ... and this path offers ... Lets tread this path
  • I don't know, I still don't see any path

I've been mentioning going around the second law of thermodynamics for a loooong time now (since first reading about Brownian Motion, and some other subjects), since I'm no expert, its always been a hunch... an untreaded path my instincts told me must be explored... (we could branch out of the subject a little, and discuss what leadership means but lets keep to the original idea). Slashdot writes about researchers taking a look at non equilibrium transistor switching (the original article is simply horrific, and the reporter simply missed the goals by an immense margin, so don't even bother) to make more heat efficient computer chips, where heat isn't simply removed, but utilized, and the reality is Science has hither-to been deterministic

Well the article is god awful, and the researchers plans have nothing to do with my original idea, and we're left at the point of how hard it is to share an idea... how much of ourselves, our own past experiences is embedded in every choice of word we make!

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