Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Requiem

Yesterday I felt my emotions described by two songs from one of my favorite bands:

In the morning I felt so mad, apathy was my salvation; and since bugs are actually a theme from the relationship, it seems like joining them, yeah, thats the one!

Later in the night I received a call that felt as if she wanted to sing me this beautiful song... (try and understand the lyrics), and thats not at all, who you want to feel like; especially when you do nothing of the sort.

And so, as I fall recklessly out of love's illusion, disintoxication feels about the same as going cold turkey... (heroin withdrawal)


martianegg said...

Anger... hard to deal with, while hanging on to reason.

Rodolfo Hansen said...

Sometime I will laugh at her treating me like those songs...

Genuinely undeserved... (i hope)


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