Monday, September 08, 2008

Someone Agrees The Anthropic Principle is a load of Bull...

En ArsTechnica lei precisamente esta conclusión de un articulo sobre un experimento de la mecánica cuántica:

... It seems that there are always people who will argue for specialness.
First there was the luminiferous aether, then the anthropic principle,
and now an entanglement frame. With the possible exception of the
anthropic principle (and I wouldn't put money on that surviving the
next 50 years), none of these ideas survive for very long...

Me encantó leer a alguien defender mi punto de vista con respecto a los debates que tenia con mi abuelo... :D

Cosa que se alinea con una página que me envió Rubén:

  • scientists argue: this model shows how the probability of life spontaneously forming is quite high as theories defend it as logically sane and probable path within these given initial conditions.
  • critics say: well there is no garantue, pribiotic life had these very same specific initial conditions.
  • scientist retorts (and I chat along): I know, I mean wow, this is life without even water, something we have sustained as critical to life, it could be an alternative equal path. it seems even though this path we are investigating turns out perfectly plausible, life has even more ways of 'spontaneusly' showing up! :D

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