Thursday, September 25, 2008


I started to like history after I saw the show: connections with dad and he would describe the connections, and interrelatedness of one invention or event to other things, like the case of the printing press.

Everything seemed so clear after I read On-Intelligence, as if all my previous opinions were melded into a coherent framework of how we think and it was so obvious, it was like the better proofs in mathematics... Damn it, I should have thought of that.

Not exactly like a chess player is able to think various moves in advance, but more like they are able to alter the order of a known strategy to change the flow of a game... Like a guided chain of events defying the butterfly effect; as if further proof where needed to understand life as a constant defial of entropy...

When you can tell someone hasn't made the connection yet, between where you where and how you are planning drive back home.

Today I commented: 'he's a little short-linked' regarding his depth of foresight (or more appropriately: association). All due to Luijo mentioning how many people go about conversations and some tend to skip some thought associations

And it reminded me about questions regarding this asosiative ability and short term memory. I don't know if its simply just a higher short term memory that allocates you to bucket more data there, or if its a general HTM design issue with more buckets per layer and a higher interconnect and therefore better cross referencing...

Short linked == Simple minded.

Can you be creative and short linked? can linkedness be brain area specific? (it would seem so). Is it genetic? How much can be rewired?

I've always been a little Socratic? How much did the Athenens work it?

Who wants to see: The day the universe changed with me?

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