Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Very Interesting Study! (religious)

Living in an extremely religious society I have been confronted by people who believe atheist people are evil, uncivilized, odd and plain wrong. Its always been strange having to prove myself a moral and functional individual considering the serious deficiencies in my belief system...

Its a good thing to actually find a study that presents moral/ethical behavior as something independent (under obvious restrictions, you Muslim terrorist haters you.. although that simply discard someone as their peer and falls into another type of study...) of religion.

It seems a both religious and secular (plain civic responsibility) primers are just as effective at raising benevolence for both theist and atheist individuals. Curiously enough the religious primer only works for fresh atheists; apparently old atheists no longer associate the words God, spirit, or Jesus as reference to fairness, benevolence or justice.

Read the link if you are interested in further reading...

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