Thursday, October 11, 2007

Starlings Flocking in England

There is a comment at the video's youtube page about the hand of god at work, another that says god can make anyone do anything.. I think the explanations proposed in complexity theory and the articles pointed out by Mrs. Dalcanton are all of more engaging, useful and beautiful than a mysterious hand that works in mysterious ways. Something that resembles a rhetoric cop out to justify ignorance.

Religion, Taoism, mental laziness are all well, and have their place; but truth and faith are dangerous at the tango.

Still: "They behave in a way that should be impossible"...

PS: sorry I made this into a religious debate. Enjoy the beauty of nature and marvel at what it means to be part of life however you see it. (A mystic hand, a dynamo of ever-changing, ever-dancing, entropy-balancing complex system within complex system, a dream, or 42)

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