Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Rise of the Surveillance Society—“Big Brother” or Common Sense?

Daily Galaxy has an article about using surveillance as a preventive means in a society.

As some of you know, I have been openly ('pro-surveillance' ?) and go as far as saying we might be soon close enough to do without this holy sin - heaven hell - fear governing bullshit to keep disturbances in track, and maintain functional, efficient societies.

In any case, apparently those who are already being monitored agree...

Here is the article

Albeit for all the wrong reasons... these nations are exerting the vilest form of fear mongering, and to be honest although I agree all relevant public interactions should be monitored, privacy is a a very valuable commodity, and I think we should somehow end-up with some sort of relative-incognuity where the data / record was processed by an uninterested 3rd party (preferably a machine) and discarded or stored away... well, in any case.. i still think the benefits outweigh any problems we might face..

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