Thursday, September 20, 2007

lol!2 - how did they know?

According to reports, the man talked on an IP phone for 40 hours, and was apparently still deeply involved in the conversation when reporters started showing up.

... ...

When asked what he had talked about for over 40 hours, Tony said (while twirling his hair), "Well, I heard that Bobby had dumped Lisa, and I was like, No way! And then Jenny said that everyone knew that Bobby was a dirtbag from the start, and I just thought..."

just like me.... one question though? who was monitoring him, that they just happened to notice?! Ok, my bad, the article says it was a VoIP publicity stunt, still he beat the record, people took 1hr turns just to speak to him.... Ok, who was willing to spend 1 hour speaking with an idiot about nothing?

1 comment:

Jenin said...

was there money involved?.. no sabes lo que la gente es capaz 4 money :P


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