Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lucy in the Sky with Daimonds

  • A 10 billion-trillion-trillion-carat daimond... :p
  • By the way, what is greed?
  • How close are we (in the production security / genetic engineering sense of the question) of getting rid of that pesky, currently self-threatening, instinct of self-preservation?
  • And, who would really want such a big diamond anyway?


Ruben Llibre said...

you propose we loose self-preservation?
i wonder what would be left?
(on my POV pretty much all revolves [some more convulted than others] around this.

Rodolfo Hansen said...

Yes, we must see beyond ourselves...

Dayi said...

Me temo que pronto se haran muchos viajes hacia alla....que pena!


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