Monday, July 02, 2007

Kenya... Google...

This is an interesting article..

Google are looking to crack the African market but instead of making a beeline for SA, one of the most developed countries on the continent, they are setting up camp in Kenya.

They have advertised for South African personnel so the chances are good that they will also establish an office in SA but the fact remains that Kenya was their first choice.

One must wonder what made Kenya a more attractive alternative than SA?

I would hazard a guess that Google want to build their own infrastructure and after investigating the situation in SA decided that it would be easier for them to achieve their aims in Kenya.

Whilst Kenya also has an incumbent operator that holds things back somewhat, one gets the feeling that things are still happening over there in the fixed line sector with companies like Kenya Data Networks.

Perhaps Google have identified the Kenyan market as being more open for competing forces or perhaps the country is politically more favourable, whatever the case it is a sad day when SA starts to loose out to rival African players.

See for the full story.

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