Thursday, August 20, 2009

Abortion - Religion - Stupidity.

I am enraged.

Every time I hear arguments against legalizing abortion I am dragged into rageful despair; the argument tends to state: all life is precious, and it begins on the moment of conception; so society must protect it, at ANY cost. This argument is carried out from beginning to end loosing respectability at each step:

  1. most everyone agrees on life's preciousness,
  2. about 40% of the world is certain life begins at conception and not birth,
  3. finally, it can be argued: virtually no one would kill a random family of 3 to birth a child.

It is easy to understand how it can become a sensitive issue, but every time some fanatic starts arguing for outright abolishment I simply realize how dumb we all are. Stupidity is arguably why religion is so in tune with power, its simply too easy for man to become sheep; to blindly obey and disregard the beautiful causality which exists in our universe. It starts with imagining someone or something being able to do whatever they/it wants and then replacing whatever causal rules actually exist and are observable in this universe with something else.

There is a conscientious and logical deductive path that guides us towards a challenging observation: we need to make all us dimwits smarter, at least in our capability of foresight (or causal search if you will). Enough of this, its amazing how much we need to advance, that we REALLY DON'T SEE WHATS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!

I propose a worldwide goal:
Raise the global IQ level by 30 points (obviously without recalibrating the scoring statistics). This should be a stated global incentive.

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