Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Seriously, I thought that was metaphorical

biblical misinterpretations

Responsible Thinking Principles:

  • Seek as accurate an understanding of reality as possible, guarding against false beliefs.
  • Question the claims of authorities and widely held beliefs.
  • Do not become polarized or emotionally attached to any viewpoint.
  • Subjective judgments may seem to be based on our own experience but may in fact be based on what we have been told or on our expectations.
  • Always judge a course of action in comparison to its alternatives.
  • Base opinions on measurements wherever possible.
  • Use calculations rather than intuitive judgments when very large or very small quantities are involved.
  • Vague claims are usually worthless.
  • Never form a strong opinion after hearing only one side of a controversy.
  • A person can be highly intelligent, sane, and honest and still be totally wrong.
  • Correlation does not imply causation.
  • Beware of shortcuts to the truth.
  • Anarchists propose that through responsible thinking, humans need not form government or devise mechanisms, to enforce laws or mandates, other than self & mutual respect and responsible thinking. Reality has always proved them wrong. Yet I suspect, many of us still believe the world can be a much better place simply by thinking things through, and thinking responsibly.

    This is why I ask myself how humanity would become if there were a global increase in foresight, or the general IQ relative to current levels.

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