Monday, December 22, 2008


This is why I think privacy can be reduced in society; it's just a few people who actually benefit from having something to hide... Privacy is anti-social... :p well, in the general sense, i.e. I don't confuse general privacy with intimacy... they are separate.

Octopuses inside the box...

OCtopuses, the most brilliant invertebrate lack emotions, and yet exhibit a superior level of intelligence!...

Having had previous conversations about the role of emotion in humanity's progression. How does this new information shed light into a more complete explanation of our (humanity's) 'ascent'?

And how important is the key fact on relative speed! Time scales are so immensely important when identifying 'will' or 'concious intention' in causal change!... I only hope we can eventually prove Wolfram mistaken regarding our ability to 'think outside the box'.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dan Gilbert: Exploring the frontiers of happiness

He starts off a little misguided (in my opinion, and as a later commenter points out), but then gets to very important core principals... Foresight its a doosy, ain't it?! :P

Monday, December 15, 2008

Warren Buffett MBA Talk.

Compartido por Marcos Lara...... ++ Pero, despues del comentario inicial, como que se dañó... no creo mucho en lo que el dijo no. Me lo encuentro short sighted y contradictorio a lo que dijo anteriormente... very short sighted

Croque or Cricket?

What type of sports fan are you?
really, what's YOUR sport?
hopscotch anyone?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

smalll fragments of truth....

stumbled into the dali lama frags.... :P 3. Follow the three R's:
Respect for self
Respect for others and
Responsibility for all your actions.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Se conocerán?

Cuando primero conoces a alguien: te cae bien, te atrea, despierta en ti una curiosidad. Pasan los dias y se van conociendo; la curiosidad se moldea; la atraccion se solidifica.

Y comienzan a nacer cualidades, las cosas agradables, que fascinan, que sonrojan o dan ganas de reir. Lo que logra que el tiempo compartido se comprima: las semanas en horas; y los meses en días.

Que más sucede? Se sigue conociendo? Será eso solo una etapa intermedia?

Quizas más adelante, como peculiar paradoja, luego, las cualidades, que se estudian y se viven en el contexto del tiempo; se hacen dificiles de listar, de categorizar, o más bien de desligar entre si.

Ya las cualidades no son extraibles por si solas, no tienen sentido sin el "excepto cuando estas triste", o el "excepto cuando la otra persona te relajó", o "excepto cuando te sientes que quedaste mal", o "excepto cuando no hay luna". Quizas entonces, en algún instante, despues de décadas de hablarse con la mirada, ahi es que se puede afirmar: Si, se conocen.

O, de veras se conocerán?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Special...

Yesterday was a weird day, of thanks, reflection and retrospect... a deep feeling of unease overwhelmed me as I heard / thought through debate along the following lines:

ForevervsTill Whenever
this is something we need to work on together.these things have to feel smooth...
I'm committed, I still need you.nothing lasts forever, I'll be fine.
we started this for a reason; giving a little on ends leaves us both with alot.thanks, but there's just no more here; we need to move on.
love is hard work and understanding and is a fleeting thing
there's no such thing as love

I posted something here from my cell phone, but it seems it got lost... :/ It was along the lines of love being an idea, and different for different people, but still, generally, a good idea to live with! :p I envy my own parent's forever love; and I've seen their hard work, and their sacrifice... (on both sides).. a friend said yesterday:

I've given up on the local women here, their idea of a relationship is just someone to go out and have drinks with... no sense of it being a project, to grow into...

I also had other conversations around the notion... today, I am simply sad; for myself, and everyone else who couldn't get it right the first 5 times... not so sure about those who have never eaten from greener pastures... even though it always looks greener on the other side... :(

Doorbusting at Long Island Walmart leads to worker's death

The worker was an overnight store clerk who was simply trying to hold back the crowds before the doors officially opened at 5:00AM. According to Jimmy Overby, another employee at the store: "They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me." Words to the wise: either do your Black Friday shopping from the safety of your own home, or be careful, cool, calm and collected when you venture out.

No Comment...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

watch out!

quiero licencia para enamorarte,
buscar el alma en tu mirada,
amapolas en tus besos,
estrellas entre tus párpados.
Pero no puedo.
Quiero llevarte a mis mares,
para que navegemos:
nosotros entre las estrellas,
tu entre mis brazos,
y yo entre tus piernas.

Fracture script snipet

I saw Fracture the other day, and this dialog just got stuck in my head:

     You think you're so much smarter
     than I am. That must make you feel
     very powerful.

     Helpless, actually.

I loved the dynamics of the scene, and the reality of the three involved characters, I can just imagine the series of events that led to her emotional withdrawl...

Monday, November 24, 2008

epigenetic -> genetic

It is confirmed by simulation that learned attributes (like responses to specific stimuli, or other aspects of behaviour) can be taken up into the genetic code base of a species.

The other day I was trying to find a particularly good example of this ever occurring in nature, but couldn't think of any.

I present the following possibility:
      Human curiosity.

I want to write a lot more on the subject, and present the references from where I get this idea, and how it branches / fits with other observations, but am a bit busy, anyone care to opine? help?

La sala y el idiota.

Dado a que siempre estabas tan compuesta, nunca pensé que reaccionarías de esa manera tan infantil. Aún así, mi urgencia por perdonarte y olvidarlo todo fue lo más triste. Siendo el primero en opinar que la comprensión no disculpa los hechos, sos responsable de tus errores y yo de mi propio martirio; quien rayos se quiere casar para dormir en la sala?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Espantapajaros I

Me importa un pito que las mujeres...

Rostro de vos

Friday, November 21, 2008

these lonely streets

I guess I just need to walk alone.. so I don't miss the silent pleasures of these lonely streets

These lonely streets filled with strangers.

Streets, like the empty words behind a meaningless hello or goodbye.

Or memories that for no lack of lack of trying are no more than vague husks our minds and senses try to absorb.

From that one sweet embrace drowned in song.

Songs that are of drum & chello skin.
of human soul
And of life as long as emotion.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to love again

Supongo que en algun momento,
de nuevo se vuelve a lo mismo.
Pero, con cautela se avisa:

Tu me encantas.
pero, como mismo dijiste: "its not a right time,
not me for, and much less for you..."
Aún así, queiro enamorarte.
Pero, no quiero confundirte.

De repente quiero hablarte todos los dias,
y ver tus ojos, y verte sonreir.
Pero, no quiero mortificarte.
Quiero besarte y estrecharte mi alma.
Pero, creo que estoy demasiado vulnerable.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

things humans have trouble dealing with

The human mind has serious trouble dealing with a couple of inherently difficult things:
  • the exponential function.
  • higher spatial dimensions.
  • self-awareness or self-reference.
  • ugly infinity (the non-countable kind).
Does this have anything to do with the cost of emulating those specific algorithms?
Is anything that cant be run in O(n) time on the brain inherently tough?
I guess if we reduce the domain enough, a lot of things end up being run with O(n) time on the brain... at least with enough practice...
Anyone else want to point another shortcoming? Or any another idea regarding the issue?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

amor durazno

En un remoto confín de mi alma
sabia que tu amor aún era inocente;
dirigía tus acciones, tus encantos,
tus sorpresas y tu pensar.

En algún otoño ese amor entonces escoge.
Escoge perder su último pétalo
dejándonos con la memoria
de su florecida aroma,

ya fecundada, encapucharse,
y ser cultivado como fruto,
durazno de un amor consciente.

No me esperaba que este otoño
se apartara entonces el último pétalo,
o que simplemente,
no se fecundara nuestra flor de vida;

y para mí, el invierno será largo y frío,
pero los pétalos derramados,
junto a las memorias y las lagrimas caídas,
dejan el suelo fértil para futuros amores.

Monday, November 10, 2008

la felicidad nunca acompaña la sed

En estos tiempos se cambia la plenitud del momento entre amados por las ansias de expandirse. Crecemos, no por difundir el crecimiento o unir brechas; simplemente crecemos por la misma razon que compramos.

De esa misma manera hemos comprado nuevas ideas sobre como ser contentos, empujando para mantener corriendo un motor social que hace mucho tiempo no nos cuestionamos.

Les leo un extracto de "The Great Conversation" escrito en 1952:

We believe that the reduction of the citizen to an object of propaganda, private and public, is of the greatest dangers to democracy... The reiteration of slogans, the distortion of the news, the great storm of propaganda that beats upon the citizen twenty-four hours a dat all his life long mean either democracy must fall a prey to the loudest and most persistent propagandists or that the people must save themselves by strengthening their minds so that they can appreciate the the issues for themselves...

Y continuando despues en alguna parte de segundo capitulo (pagina 9):
... that the object of education is to adjust the oung to ther environment, and in particular to teach them to make a livin, John Deway roundly condenmed; yet it is usually advanced in his name... He believed in his own conception of liberal education for all and looked upon any kind of training directed to learning a trade, solely to make a living at it, as narrowing and illiberal....

Los editores hablan presisamente en el momento en que se concretizaba este modus vivendi. Y creo que la educacion ha logrado mejorar bastante frente a las criticas que proponen; excepto, en la capacidad de dicernir entre el avance y la felicidad. Si nuestro sistema de educacion, nace de, conjunto a cierto grado de adquisicion moral y espiritual, mejorar la productividad del proletariado, cabe seriamente considerar que en todo lo que nos hemos presentado, nos lo hemos presentado con una sed, de necesitar seguir cumpliendo. Si mas bien no nos han presentado que esta sed es la razon detras de nuestros logros y el mejoramiento de nuestra sociedad.

Creo si, que esta sed ha acelerado el proceso, pero no es la razon propia del progreso, el hombre es un animal inquieto, curioso y experimentalista, como los cuervos, pero esas tendencias y motivaciones no equivalen a la sed artificial que nos hemos creado.

Los logros enaltecen el ego, el autoestima y agregan a lo vivido, pero la felicidad es algo que nos puede acompanar siempre, es poder encontarse complacido en cada momento. no hay que haber logrado nada para ser feliz, ni haber conseguido nada mas alla de una sonrisa al despertar y una al acostarnos.

Hasta donde he podido entender, la felicidad no se mide en logros, ni en dinero, ni en el amor, mas alla de la complasencia de haber logrado un balance personal con los actos de su propia vida.

Quizas hay una linea fina entre complaserse y conformarse, pero te aseguro que la segunda solo nos aleja de la felicidad si en algun momento posterior nos encontramos insatisfechos o inconformes; sedientes. Y ni un segundo antes.

Por fin, ahora, como sociedad estamos buscando modelos 'sostenibles' de crecimiento, en lo economico, social y personal, y creo que el primer paso, es por fin re-evaluar las condiciones de la felicidad humana.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Los muertos de mi felicidad

La verdad es que una de las letras que me han puesto a reflexionar más es: "Y espero que me disculpen, por este día, los muertos de mi felicidad"...

Me acabo de recordar de estas lineas cuando andaba por la Nuñez en carro público que decidió esquivar el tapón entrando por una calle alternativa y entorpeciendo el transito de una intersección, comentando sobre los "talibanes" que quedaron detrás.

Ocurriendome eso, solo pensé en esa canción; quizás sea un caso extremo, pero hay tantas otras situaciones, hasta sutiles, en las que uno, buscando su propia felicidad, termina perjudicando a algún otro, las miles de situaciones en el amor, cuando durante el proceso de maduración y auto-descubrimiento uno se sostiene de alguna pareja, para encontrar su propio valor, mediante preguntas, comentarios y en general adquirir retro-alimentación. Cosa que entiendo es normal, en especial durante la pubertad o los primeros amores, y quizás a lo que se refería el el cantante, cuando (según me quiero imaginar) le pide perdón a pasadas amantes por su nueva felicidad

En fin, la moraleja es que hay ciertas magnitudes que permanecen constante cuando se realizan acciones, incluso entre los seres humanos y su ambiente. El que da: pierde, y el que coge: quita. Pero la naturaleza en su infinita experiencia, nos ha dotado, como las criaturas sociales que somos, con mecanismos biológicos para recibir satisfacción al ofrecer algo o a cooperar y medimos nuestro propio valor principalmente en función al valor que nos dan los demás. Un detalle crítico para la sobrevivencia en grupo que exhiben casi todos los animales no solitarios.

Que pasa entonces con esa linea; pedirle perdón a los muertos de nuestra felicidad? Es precisamente la encarnación del conflicto existente entre el auto-sacrificio y el instinto de sobrevivencia. Planteado de una manera tan ligera que nos hace ver lo imposible de, incluso viviendo una vida solamente para los demás, ayudar a alguien sin nunca perjudicar a otro.

Entonces, cuando leemos sobre momentos inspiracionales como el del taxista que paseó a la señora mayor, y no encontramos (quizás inconscientemente) a ningún perjudicado, o bien sentimos la magnitud del bien realizado a través de un simple gesto, que quedamos asombrados sobre la maximización del esfuerzo y nos preguntamos que hubiera pasado si el taxista no acompaña a la señora en sus memorias?

... continuará en la próxima nota.

My old nick's meaning

For those of you (including myself) who don't know what the heck my old nick meant:

Kinetic Robotic Youth Programmed for Thorough Troubleshooting
Get Your Cyborg Name

Thanks Tio Mario

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Requiem

Yesterday I felt my emotions described by two songs from one of my favorite bands:

In the morning I felt so mad, apathy was my salvation; and since bugs are actually a theme from the relationship, it seems like joining them, yeah, thats the one!

Later in the night I received a call that felt as if she wanted to sing me this beautiful song... (try and understand the lyrics), and thats not at all, who you want to feel like; especially when you do nothing of the sort.

And so, as I fall recklessly out of love's illusion, disintoxication feels about the same as going cold turkey... (heroin withdrawal)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hoy la razón pierde en contra de la emoción

Cuando tu corazón tiembla, late, corre.
Intenta escaparse de tu cuerpo
y tu mente intenta alcanzarlo,
gritando detente,
detente, morirás!
Razona a la izquierda,
justifica a la derecha
y gasta todos sus esfuerzos pasando la mayor parte del día frenándote,
para que al final no des vueltas en la cama
agotado y llorando de felicidad cuando por fin te coge el sueño,

Despiertas luego de 3 horas, curioso, sin haber oido un ruido
de repente notando que tu corazón ha aprovechado muy bien el tiempo
aterrada, arranca la mente, nuevamente:
Detente! Detente!

Solo ahí entenderemos que el motor humano no es el pensar,
Si algo nos priva del sueño es el corazón.
Sufriremos, a veces de dolor inimaginable,
pero esta angustia es en otros momentos nuestro impulso,
y sin él seriamos máquinas o en superior instancia animales.

Late corazón mio, late, hasta que me mates.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Poesía 41

(Hay cosas que no me salen bien, y quizas es dejarte ver que tanto significas para mi... Quizas me da miedo ser expuesto tan vulnerablemente.)

Pero te espero, como el bosque espera la primavera; como el día espera el amanecer, para poder ser luz, para poder ser vida.

Don't Panic

I haven't been able to sleep well, so I guess writing poorly is a rational continuance...

If the answer to life, the universe and everything were indeed 42, then all of our work, all of our love wouldn't be for any ultimate goal, but for the moments we shared with each other.

Every push and shove, our scientific achievements, every victory in war or politics; for no greater good than our own tranquillity, commodity or enjoyment.

There were always two ways to react to this line of thinking: either severe depression, loss of direction, even nausea; or ecstatic freedom and an alleviating sense of relief in knowing that doing your best and helping those around you is literally as good as it gets.

In choosing the latter, you would think there are less ways to go wrong... Just muster up as much love as possible, prepare the other cheek and go around listening to people, give them a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on.

This my friends, is indeed hard enough. Enough so that rumours live still today about the man who best achieved this feat being the son of a supreme being who was unfortunately later nailed to a tree for sharing this...

So some of us, who have a harder time being there, smiling, giving the other cheek, or simply have less comfortable shoulders, we have looked for other ways to share ourselves with others; and the ones we love, or wish loved us.

And we get there... We remember each other for very many different things...

We pick the things we're good at, and that is what we share... I'll try too, being a better self, to be loved.

To see the dawn, like today's, in the lives of whom we cherish most. To give them nice days and memories, and hope.

I wish I could never falter in sharing the dawn...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Old post never completed... How to share an Idea?

Among other things... I'm starting to realize how hard it is to share an Idea... especially when its still just a twinkle even in your own head...

I spent the better part of this morning defending my "Simple First, let complexity settle in later, and RE-SIMPLIFY" approach to software development with an associate today, and one of the subjects that came up was the distance between my recomendations, and those found in a book.

I was accused of critizicing without offering an alternative approach, while the acusation has some foundation, I nevertheless was pointing towards the very same path we later found out the book suggested. Viewed as a dialog it would read:

  • We need to walk down this path
  • Which path? I don't see anything this is how Its always been done, there are but random discrepencies
  • Yes, but your idea suffers from ... and this path offers ... Lets tread this path
  • I don't know, I still don't see any path

I've been mentioning going around the second law of thermodynamics for a loooong time now (since first reading about Brownian Motion, and some other subjects), since I'm no expert, its always been a hunch... an untreaded path my instincts told me must be explored... (we could branch out of the subject a little, and discuss what leadership means but lets keep to the original idea). Slashdot writes about researchers taking a look at non equilibrium transistor switching (the original article is simply horrific, and the reporter simply missed the goals by an immense margin, so don't even bother) to make more heat efficient computer chips, where heat isn't simply removed, but utilized, and the reality is Science has hither-to been deterministic

Well the article is god awful, and the researchers plans have nothing to do with my original idea, and we're left at the point of how hard it is to share an idea... how much of ourselves, our own past experiences is embedded in every choice of word we make!

What do we live for?

What do we live for?

Any of us? All of us?

“How much do I owe you?” she asked, reaching into her purse.
“Nothing,” I said.
“You have to make a living,” she answered.
“There are other passengers”.
Almost without thinking, I bent and gave her a hug. She held onto me tightly.
“You gave an old woman a little moment of joy,” she said. “Thank you.”

I squeezed her hand, then walked into the dim morning light. Behind me, a door shut. It was the sound of the closing of a life.

. Please read the whole article, its deeply moving.

How can someone who believes there is no ultimate goal, be so sure of himself measuring others? how can someone who thinks himself in-tune with the notion of the butterfly effect, even ponder an intent to measure?

How can we guess what is needed of us? How can we work for moments we never know might arrive? Ideas, we will never know where even worth achieving?

Who are we to say we are driven by a righteous ideal? How can we know?

Since we can't, we are blinded into trusting through faith; of any sort, not just religiously...

I wish I could help someone out as much as this man, or as my father. Trustingly, hoping somehow your actions take flight and fulfil other's happiness or dreams, not by oppressing others into doing things my way. (or any way I deem myself as righteous or correct; for who the hell am I?!) :(

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I started to like history after I saw the show: connections with dad and he would describe the connections, and interrelatedness of one invention or event to other things, like the case of the printing press.

Everything seemed so clear after I read On-Intelligence, as if all my previous opinions were melded into a coherent framework of how we think and it was so obvious, it was like the better proofs in mathematics... Damn it, I should have thought of that.

Not exactly like a chess player is able to think various moves in advance, but more like they are able to alter the order of a known strategy to change the flow of a game... Like a guided chain of events defying the butterfly effect; as if further proof where needed to understand life as a constant defial of entropy...

When you can tell someone hasn't made the connection yet, between where you where and how you are planning drive back home.

Today I commented: 'he's a little short-linked' regarding his depth of foresight (or more appropriately: association). All due to Luijo mentioning how many people go about conversations and some tend to skip some thought associations

And it reminded me about questions regarding this asosiative ability and short term memory. I don't know if its simply just a higher short term memory that allocates you to bucket more data there, or if its a general HTM design issue with more buckets per layer and a higher interconnect and therefore better cross referencing...

Short linked == Simple minded.

Can you be creative and short linked? can linkedness be brain area specific? (it would seem so). Is it genetic? How much can be rewired?

I've always been a little Socratic? How much did the Athenens work it?

Who wants to see: The day the universe changed with me?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

Marcos Lara just shared this del-icio-us bookmark about peoples rush to be great at something in little time, and the reality of how much effort is needed to be REALLY GOOD at something...

It has profound implications on other areas and aspects of life, and i'm associating it with conversations I have had with Omar over my perception of people... Lots more to write about this.. will post updates

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lotsa Interesting News Today

While Gizmodo writes about an unidentified space object seen by Hubble, senator John McCain took a questionare from Scientists and Engineers for America

McCains info is slashdotted, and as for Hubble... :D. We may never know if it as a spec of dust, an Imperial Destroyer or the spontaneous creation of a micro-universe...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Someone Agrees The Anthropic Principle is a load of Bull...

En ArsTechnica lei precisamente esta conclusión de un articulo sobre un experimento de la mecánica cuántica:

... It seems that there are always people who will argue for specialness.
First there was the luminiferous aether, then the anthropic principle,
and now an entanglement frame. With the possible exception of the
anthropic principle (and I wouldn't put money on that surviving the
next 50 years), none of these ideas survive for very long...

Me encantó leer a alguien defender mi punto de vista con respecto a los debates que tenia con mi abuelo... :D

Cosa que se alinea con una página que me envió Rubén:

  • scientists argue: this model shows how the probability of life spontaneously forming is quite high as theories defend it as logically sane and probable path within these given initial conditions.
  • critics say: well there is no garantue, pribiotic life had these very same specific initial conditions.
  • scientist retorts (and I chat along): I know, I mean wow, this is life without even water, something we have sustained as critical to life, it could be an alternative equal path. it seems even though this path we are investigating turns out perfectly plausible, life has even more ways of 'spontaneusly' showing up! :D

Nuevos comentarios... despues de meses de silencio

Voy a hacer casi como mario y pondré algunos articulos de noticias que encuentro muy interesantes aquí....

Pero los voy a hacer 1 por Post, y trataré de comentar, continuar lo iniciado en el artículo con ídeas propias / pensamientos previos y demás... Wish me luck!

En este artículo del New York Times se habla sobre un nuevo fenomeno que esta surgiendo en la sociedad moderna.

Por primera vez: quienes están trabajando más no son los más pobres! Me encantó la analogía con el Red Shift.... y la sensación por parte de la clase media alta de ser constantemente dejada atrás por gente que una vez eran sus semejantes. Tanto así que sin duda me encuentro fuertemente identificado a exactamente eso! Muy muy muy curioso...

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Andy is starting a fitness company in London

One of my best mates is starting a personal training and fitness company in the London area! :D He has the idea of getting to all the lazy bums flats and offices so they can't give lazy excuses of time / distance to the gym. This is his "mobile studio" : Box Genesis' Mobile Studio 1

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Jonathan Drori: Why we don't understand as much as we think

El anuncio al final esta de madre.... Por otro lado, la charla es inspiracional. solo saque 2 preguntas bien...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monte Hall Problem - bad interpretation.

Scott Adams talked about the Monte Hall Problem in his blog yesterday... and I don't know if I actually agree with his interpretation of what the problem implies.

That is interesting enough on its own. (I’ll give a link later that explains the math of it.) But here is the freaky part. You only improve your odds by switching doors if Monte Hall knows what is behind each door. If he simply got lucky and opened a door with a goat behind it, your odds are unchanged. In other words, your odds are changed by Monte’s knowledge, and your knowledge that Monte has that knowledge.

I don't know which definition of subjective he is using... Let's say he uses: "influenced by personal opinion." then fine... I would easily interpret it as some shade of causality, its obviously a choice Montel made, and his internal state is unknown... Still that definition does not particularly apply well with reality, as it is a definition which strictly applies to sentient beings and does not in any way cross with causality, and statistics as an objective study of outcomes due to limited knowledge.

Blah, this guys use of logic is just a disastrous ostentatious minefield... Lets go on with this definition: "Philosophy. relating to or of the nature of an object as it is known in the mind as distinct from a thing in itself.". Good, lets also asume that when he means reality is subjective he means that there exists no object beyond the mind.

Yet, the same article he points to states:

When the problem and the solution appeared in Parade, approximately 10,000 readers, including several hundred mathematics professors, wrote to the magazine claiming the published solution was wrong. Some of the controversy was because the Parade statement of the problem fails to fully specify the host's behavior and is thus technically ambiguous. However, even when given completely unambiguous problem statements, explanations, simulations, and formal mathematical proofs, many people still meet the correct answer with disbelief.

What does the fact that simulations agree? Is this facet of reality subjective if it can be reproduced outside of minds?

To me, as always, he lives in a contrived, self contradicting, albeit theatrical and entertaining to the less-dull witted.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some interesting logic - religion thingamabobs...

I stumbled upon these two links

Oh, and other games here: philosophy games

Got 1 direct hit and 1 bullet bitten; both around the definition of "justifiable".

Oddly enough I don't actually see a contradiction between:

If, despite years of trying, no strong evidence or argument has been presented to show that there is a Loch Ness monster, it is rational to believe that such a monster does not exist.
As long as there are no compelling arguments or evidence that show that God does not exist, atheism is a matter of faith, not rationality.

I don't see any contradiction. To me its: if (no evidence) then irrational.

  • No proof of existence: hard to trust whether it actually does.
  • No proof of in-existence: hard to trust whether it actually doesn't.

The bullet I bit is a somewhat wierder though...

You've just bitten a bullet! You are consistent in applying the principle that it is justifiable to base one's beliefs about the external world on a firm, inner conviction, regardless of the external evidence, or lack of it, for the truth or falsity this conviction. The problem is that it seems you have to accept that people might be justified in their belief that God could demand something terrible.

I mean... duh.. This is precisely one of the points you start out with, when doubting a religion...

  • "Why should I accept a terrible request from someone who is supposedly all knowing..."
  • "You must not doubt your god, it is beyond your comprehension"
  • "WTF? 1st commandment: Do not kill. Oh, but you must do the will of my hand and execute J.D. what kind of all knowing, all powerful being places its 'children under these situations?"
  • "Its a test of faith?"
  • "So, am I supposed to say: no, you already said not to kill, and you could probably actually just do it yourself if you actually wanted to, so I know you don't really want me to do it, you little trickster you..."
  • "Hmm, I don't know, who are we to challenge the will of god?!"
  • "WTF?"

and so forth... in any case, if you are already behaving irrationally, there isn't much in the way of making any sense out of what you are doing... So its morally bad but religiously accepted. Had they asked whether society should have punished the rapist that's another story...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I am a workaholic

Tengo que hacer algo al respecto. Hasta quede con ADD (atention deficit disorder) de los problemas que he estado manejando...

Que cosa he... ser tan obsesivo asi?!...

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why a Good Programmer must know more than 1 language

Me gusta que la gente de aquí comenta sobre la importancia de aprender más de un lenguaje de programación.

Y la imperante necesitad de conocer más de una manera de no 'resolver' problemas sino de 'imaginar' problemas...

No es lo mismo, y esto de alguna manera u otra, espero que todos podrémos entender:

La diferencia entre:

Hacer un ejercio de matemáticas y hacer una nueva demostración en matemáticas.
Calcar una foto e inventar un paisaje.
Escribir una historia e imaginarse una historia.
Resolver un set de ecuaciones de un espacio tiempo dado, e imaginarse las consecuencias de String Theory...

No sé, Programar, en su momento más bello, no es armar un rompecabezas de piezas ya existentes. Es un arte, de sacar las piezas de la imaginación.

Y no es que hay que reinventarse la rueda siempre... todo lo contrario.
y aunque en la vida como programador, se tenga que trabajar armando rompecabezas, programar es imaginarse nuevos paisajes cada vez más grandes y buscar o tallar las piezas para un rompecabeza cada vez más grande...

Esa por lo menos es mi meta como programador.. conocer nuevas piezas, y escibir nuevas piezas, conocer nuevos paisajes y escribir nuevos paisajes...

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