Friday, July 16, 2004

Software that lasts 200 years

Software that Lasts 200 years, one reads foundation and software there lasted thousands of years... I guess one does build stability around him... .... I don't believe man will ever stop questioning himself or his soroundings, neither do I think we shall grow creatively crippled, I sincerely hope we don't. In music, and the arts there is probably a trend towards simplicity and practicality. Never the less, we ourselves have evolved new art forms... In Science and Computation... a higher degree of maths are involved, with immense sophistication.. Our video games, our simulacrum's of a new virtual reality, protein fold modelling... In the middle ages our minds were spent in th arts, today our artists are our minds.. life apparently is rather independent of ourselves, yet we ourselves are life, and responsible of it... just as energy is rather independent of matter, and the universe rather independent of itself... life is.
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